Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Workplace

Creating an office space that’s unique, impressive and functional requires foresight and design thinking proficiency. There are a number of modern offices across the globe that combine diverse styles, and aesthetics, and manage to look classy and fit the image of the business at the same time. For any organization to stay competitive, the buzz of positive energy is important. Because people want to work in a conducive workplace, designers are bringing color to the traditionally dull and boring office environment. Offices are being designed to foster innovation with vibrant color schemes, geometrical and elevated nooks and more. They often color-code areas like yellow or green in areas earmarked for socializing and group work, blue areas for work, and more. Color Psychology to Improve Productivity While certain colors are aesthetically-pleasing and soothing to the eye, scientific studies have shown that colors can not only impact our mood, they can have a great effect on our productivity. Therefore, select a mix of stimulating colors that can increase productivity and creativity. Let’s color play the design of offices and see how you can humanize the business environment. Understand Your Employees and What They Want To integrate coordinating colors into your design, you need to understand how your team can benefit from it. This is because every color has different qualities that may impact your environment in different ways. Green:  Color green is perceived as relaxing, calm and soothing to the eye. If you look around nature gives you a lot of nuances. The use of green for office interiors is to combine multiple colors with it, or green combined with other colors. See examples on our Genesis Infra Website. Blue: Soothing, stable and calming, blue being one of the colors in nature’s palette, improves efficiency and focus. A light shade of blue if used to design the office interior can enlarge the look of the room, Use it a room that has excess sun filtering in. if you don’t want to use blue on the walls, you can add a dash of blue in your furniture or décor.   Yellow color – Emits a bright and optimistic air for your office interior. Effects of yellow color vary with its nuances. A pale yellow applied on walls or ceiling can bring a little sunshine to your interior, while a darker yellow you may be damper after a while. If you don’t want to use it on the walls, you can use its psychological effects in other ways. For example, yellow is great for standing things out. You can use smaller amounts of yellow accessories, flowers or pictures. When used properly all these colors can help create a great interior.   Create Your Own Moments for Serendipitous Encounters To make the right impact choose colors that fit with your brand and are consistent throughout the workspace. They can be the colors in your logo, but they should project the image that you want for your brand. You can bring in a dash of nature into your workplace by adding plants. Perk up the place with artistic furniture, decorative pieces, and paintings. Conclusion Before you start with designing and building office interior, be sure about what you want. Ask yourself how the colors you want will make you feel. Personal preference also plays a role in addition to the physical and emotional response, but an overarching plan is necessary keeping in mind all the factors including your brand personality. The right color inspires great work. In conclusion, we can say, colors including the design elements, used in the interior of offices can influence the productivity, creativity, and well-being of the employees and can help them perform at their best in the work environment. Give us a call at Genesis Infra if you are planning on corporate or commercial interiors. You can reach us @ 9315 772280 or vineet@genesisinfra.in .  
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