Design a workspace that Promotes Mindfulness and Fosters Positivity

Design an Office that Promotes Mindfulness and Fosters Positivity

Workplace designs are continuously evolving with offices becoming more flexible. The surroundings play a big role in facilitating positivity, well-being, and productivity of employees. Elements like biophylic designs, and simpler, creature comforts for employees are the emerging trend today. The best design for an office is the one that reflects the company values, keeps the individuality and spirit of the company, and meets the employees’ needs. Moreover, such workplaces are known to ensure higher levels of efficiency that will not only reduce stress but also improves the energy levels.

The workplace that fosters a pleasant atmosphere to work and collaborate can help attract the best talent. Therefore, companies need to invest time and effort to create a workplace where employees love to come to work.


A workspace that evokes positive feelings and promotes productivity should include:

Well-lit Office Interiors with Natural Lighting

Natural light is an important factor to keep in mind when designing a workspace. Apart from being an energy-efficient option, it is also cost-effective while having a positive impact on mood and productivity. If there are windows in the room, ensure there are no obstructions, allowing maximum light to enter the room. Removing unwanted walls and use of glazed partitions can allow natural light to work its way into the office.

Studies show that employees working at the workstations near the windows are happier with their working environment, and has been known to have a positive effect on them.

Breakout Areas

Taking a break for a few minutes can help employees relax. Breakout areas with natural features such as plants, artworks, etc., are soothing to the eyes and will help employees relax and gather their thoughts, exchange ideas or have impromptu meetings. Break out areas with Wi-Fi connectivity and some seating space can enhance creativity and offer flexibility to work.

Investing In Ergonomic Comfort

With employees having to spend 8 to 12 hours working, physical and psychological comfort is of utmost importance. Well-designed workstations with the right ergonomic furniture and equipment can stimulate productivity, and  reduce a backache or shoulder pain. Investing in ergonomically designed tables and chairs can go a long way in improving productivity and return on investment.

Open Plan Workspace

Open plan layouts are increasingly popular today. When designing a workspace, you need to consider the type of environment you are trying to build. You can create an environment that has a good mix of open and solitary spaces. You can create glass partitions, and half height walls instead of creating a closed room. Areas that are noisier can be muted with carpets or sound-absorbing barriers.

Design and Build Office Interiors with Genesis

In addition to designing an all-encompassing well-organized office, strong company culture and trust between team members can go a long way to help the organization foster a happy work environment. If you would like to discuss an upcoming workplace project or are ready to create an inspiring space for your organization, contact us today at or call +91 9315 772280.


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