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Design Ideas for Small Office Space on a Budget

When planning an office design for small spaces, the essential thing to remember is to set a budget. Many businesses cannot afford spacious office space, especially if they are a startup or a small business. Therefore, designing for such an office requires great creativity and foresight on how to get the most from less. When […]

Office Design

Design a workspace that Promotes Mindfulness and Fosters Positivity

Workplace designs are continuously evolving with offices becoming more flexible. The surroundings play a big role in facilitating positivity, wellbeing, and productivity of employees. Elements like biophylic designs, and simpler, creature comforts for employees are the emerging trend today. The best design for an office is the one that reflects the company values, keeps the […]

Office Design

Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Workplace

Creating an office space that’s unique, impressive and functional requires foresight and design thinking proficiency. There are a number of modern offices across the globe that combine diverse styles, and aesthetics, and manage to look classy and fit the image of the business at the same time. For any organization to stay competitive, the buzz of […]


Your Office Needs Breakout Areas

  We discussed the importance of good office interior design in boosting collaboration between employees in the last post. Now let’s look at spaces that help employees interact, in an informal setting – the breakout areas in your office.   Soundcloud’s Berlin Headquarters. Source:   Breakout areas are crucial to increasing engagement and getting […]

Office Design

Making your Office more Collaborative – Through Design

We all want our teams and departments to move fast – discuss, decide and act quickly. We can’t have employees and teams working in silos. We need different departments to meet, collaborate, share information, engage and act with speed. Also, a chance conversation at the coffee machine could help avoid weeks of miscommunication and back-and-forth […]

Office Design

How to Pick the Right Wall Colors for your Office

The offices that we’ve worked in are finally starting to focus on things that should make us more productive, for example ergonomics and more useful and comfortable furniture, with a view to boost collaboration. But ask about office wall colors, and what shades to use, and you’ll mostly get one answer: White. A sea of […]