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  • 8500 sq ft office for software services company in New delhi

  • Complete design and build (from concept till completion) in 50 days in 2018

  • Turnkey interior design and build services including HVAC, MEP, IT, and project management.

This  8500 sq. ft office stands as a testament to modern office interior design and rapid execution. Genesis Infra, recognized as a leading interior company in Noida, created this space for a Delhi-based software services company. In the ambitious timeframe of just 50 days in 2018, our team, comprising of some of the best interior designers in Noida, delivered a complete design and build service - right from the initial concept to the final touches.

Our turnkey interior design and build services seamlessly integrated HVAC, MEP, and IT infrastructures, ensuring a functional workspace that caters to the modern demands of a tech-driven environment. Every aspect was meticulously managed, showcasing our expertise in office interior decoration and project management. This project highlights our prowess in commercial interior design and our ability to meet challenging timelines without compromising on quality or functionality.

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