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We’re Experts in Coworking Space Design and Execution.

Our team specializes in designing and executing coworking spaces. We’ve executed a 62,500 sft coworking space in Gurgaon for 91springboard – the pioneer of coworking spaces in India. Here’s a short video of how the space looked in December 2018, when we started work, and finally in April 2019:


Our design team is geared towards designing coworking and shared spaces that are as efficient and inviting to users as possible. We put special emphasis on the following features that apply to all corporate office interiors, but especially so to coworking spaces:

  • Designing and creating a space that is welcoming and open – while still making space for the maximum number of users. The coworking space’s revenue is directly dependent on fitting in as many guests as possible, but if the space is too cramped and the guest doesn’t feel like he has his own personal space, then he won’t be comfortable working there.
  • We aim to find the perfect balance, through efficient design, so that revenue targets can be met (and pricing can be kept reasonable) and guests are happy with the space they have.   
  • Bright, young, vibrant atmosphere. Startups want to attract the best and brightest staff, and a good, positive, bright and friendly work environment is a key factor.
  • Great ambient lighting. Everyone wants to sit in a bright space.  There’s a lot of research showing that exposure to natural light can greatly improve productivity; so if the freelancers and startups working out of a coworking space aren’t happy and at their productive best, they’ll take their business elsewhere. We put special emphasis to design workspaces that are uniformly well-lit, and draw in as much natural light as possible.
  • Usable breakout spaces. Believe it or not, design has a large role to play in how efficient office meetings are. We’ve written here about the need for good breakout spaces, and nowhere are they more important than coworking spaces.
  • Building a modern space that attracts young workers/freelance professionals is a lot more complex than simply throwing in a lot of bean bags into the space. We design the mix of flexible and fixed seating around the space’s user demographic profile, and design spaces that encourage collaboration in a friendly atmosphere. 
  • Finally, we just look at the space from both perspectives – that of the space owners’ as well as the final customer, the clients who occupy the space. Both sides have legitimate requirements, and our team focuses on finding the perfect balance between the two.
Thinking of opening a coworking space, and not really sure how the business works? Give us a call and we’re happy to have a discussion around your specific circumstances and requirements! Call Vineet at +91 9315 77 2280.  

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